A downloadable social experiment

Bad Pinball is the worst pinball game ever made.

Built as an experiment in game design, Bad Pinball was created based on community suggestions determined through Twitter polls. As such, Bad Pinball accurately reflects what gamers and game developers want to see in the world's worst pinball game.

Bad Pinball includes many notable features that were requested by the community through a series of Twitter polls, including but not limited to:

Spoken Word Poetry, Lens Flare, Fire/Flame, Sexual Innuendo, Nasty Pixel Art, Janky Controls, and Low-Poly Graphics.

Contains suggestive adult jokes and visual gags.


B Button for new balls (or click B button with mouse)

SPACE or Left Mouse Button to use flippers

CTRL or Right Mouse Button to nudge.


badpinball_PC_V1.zip 14 MB