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Got time for that? is a collection of three mini games made for the Ludum Dare #27 (LD27) 72-hour game jam. The theme of this jam was '10 seconds'.

The first mini-game is '10 Seconds Solutions' which requires solving increasingly difficult math equations to reset a 10 second countdown that must be reset for the simple sake of resetting.

The second mini-game is a button mashing game called '10 Second Button Masher' that tests players speed and dexterity!

The third mini-game, '10 Seconds to Score' is a micro-text adventure in which you relive your last ten seconds over and over in an attempt to score (more points).

Each game has 3 difficulty levels. Extra points are scored for playing on higher difficulties. Each game includes player rankings related to their score.

Created with Unity 4.2


GotTimeForThatV1.0_PC.zip 9 MB

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